Gov. I.T. Staff / Fire Dept. Arson Inv./ Military

Government Employee & I.T. Staff: Vetted active professionals and I.T. staff monitor government computer networks to ensure legal compliance, access protection, access limitations, as well as the safety of our communities. Government employees, or correctional facilities, may at times use field search to monitor the institutional computers that personnel and inmates can access. Criminal justice personnel across the country assist with software management, technical advice, expertise, and assistance during enforcement activities. 


Fire Department Arson Investigators: Review surveillance video and capture still frames from that video for inclusion in the self-generating report. Identify the offender’s action before, during, or after the incident. Identify witnesses from the video. See what documents are on the target computer (Life insurance policy, death benefits, thereat letters, etc.). See what websites the computer was accessing and what was researched (Suicide, bomb making, explosive materials, arson, fraud, Maps, etc.). Examine Internet browsers; Explorer, Edge, Firefox, OPERA, etc. Use the advanced hash analysis tool for locating images or documents.


U.S. Military/Boarder Security: A soldier performing  a field check on a computer recovered during an improvised explosive device (IED) investigation. Border security and counterterrorism. One of the most significant improvement expands the keyword search function to include the capability to search for a word, or phrase, in any language. Not just any language that uses the Latin alphabet. Version 5.0 adds the capability to query in any language spoken on this planet, whether it uses the Latin alphabet, Arabic, Cyrillic, or Eastern language characters, or anything else.