Probation/ Parole Officer: Field Search is used regularly to monitor offenders on parole and probation by viewing their computer usage for evidence of legal, or illegal activities.  Whether accessing illegal pornography, visiting prohibited dating sites, communicating in violations of court orders, visiting known gang-related sites, or the computer indicates recidivism, the digital oversight process may prove invaluable. Conversely, Field Search may also confirm an offender’s claims that he, or she, has been using the Internet to search for a job, obtain suitable housing, or engage in some other productive activity. With Field Search this information can be collected and presented to the court in an easy to understand detailed report.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children maintains a HASH database of all known child pornography files, and if a law enforcement agency has access to that database, analysts can use Field Search to compare the files on a computer hard drive and locate matches. This function can also tell probation and parole officers if clients have downloaded software they are not permitted to access. Digital evidence represents a critical element in the investigation of new crimes and the pre/post-conviction supervision process.

Community Corrections/ Corrections Officers: The community corrections staff monitors offenders that are released into our communities. This can be a difficult task, but field search software can help monitor the digital activities of these offenders. Access to the Internet and social media maybe an entitlement of some probationers. Recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling (Packingham vs. North Carolina)- Law prohibiting previously convicted sex offenders from accessing or using “social networking” websites violates the First Amendment. Ensure offenders follow the conditions of their release by monitoring their computer activity. Correctional institutions regularly monitor the desktop computers/ laptops/ and tablets within the governmental institution for any signs of illegal activities from inmates, or staff. FS may aid in this process.